Make A Name For You


Track #2 from LOVE COME DOWN by Tara Jackson. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.

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Track #2 from LOVE COME DOWN by Tara Jackson.

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Used to be all about me
Used to wanna have my name held high
Wanted more than anything
For everyone to know I had arrived
How you got a hold of me is a mystery
But You opened up my heart
And showed me who You are
And now I wanna make a name for You
I wanna tell the story of Your love
In every single thing I do
I want to lift You up, lift You up
I just want to disappear and let Your light come shining through
Lord make less of me and Make a name
Make a name for You
Come and take these hands of mine
To reach a world that needs to feel Your love
Let me be a sacrifice
Pour me out, any way You want
When everything is said and done
You’re the only one that’s worthy of all praise
Worthy of all praise
Whatever it takes
Jesus have your way
Jesus have your way
– – –
Writer Credits: Brian Hitt, Chris Lockwood, Jay Speight, Brent Baxter

(c) Tara Jackson Music, 2013


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