Love Come Down


Track #3 from LOVE COME DOWN by Tara Jackson. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.

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Track #3 from LOVE COME DOWN by Tara Jackson.

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I’m desperate for You
I’m in need of Your touch
Thirsty and dry searching inside
Lord would You come fill me up
Steal me away
Let me rest in Your arms
Where peace like river runs through my soul
And grace like an ocean overflows
Love come down
Love pour out
Capture my heart
With all that You are
Love be strong
Love hold on
I need You now
So I’m crying out
Love come down
Open the skies
Let the heavens breakthrough
Fall sweet like the rain, come wash over me
All that I am, longs for You
For Your presence
A glimpse of Your glory, Jesus
You’re my desire, my only hope is You
– – –
Writer Credits: Brian Hitt / Jason Cox

(c) Tara Jackson Music, 2013


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